The NCAA has alleged that the Texas-El Paso basketball program committed 13 rules violations, including four serious infractions, a television station reported.

School officials refused Monday to comment on the report by El Paso station KVIA-TV, saying the results of an NCAA investigation would be disclosed during an afternoon news conference today in El Paso.KVIA reported Monday it was told by people who have read the NCAA report that it alleges a lack of institutional control of the UTEP basketball program.

UTEP offices were closed Monday when called for comment by The Associated Press. Calls to head coach Don Haskins' home were not answered.

The NCAA investigation began in December 1989 after Newsday, a Long Island, N.Y., newspaper, quoted former UTEP assistant coach Nate Archibald and former players Jerry Jones and Kenny Parham, saying they received cash and free use of cars from "sugar families." The three later claimed they were misquoted.

Former UTEP basketball player Shelton Boykin, a reserve forward who played only during the 1987-88 season with the Miners, was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article saying, "When we wanted to go out, we'd get a car. They were nice cars - Cadillacs, Mercedes, Jaguars ... "

Last year, a California recruit who no longer attends UTEP alleged he was given housing, transportation and meals while living in El Paso for six weeks in 1988.

The recruit, John Staggers, said he never had to use his own money and that he received rides and meals from Rus Bradburd, who recently gave up an assistant coaching job at Ball State to take a part-time assistant coaching job at UTEP.