The U.S. ambassador to Iraq did not mean to signal approval for Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait when she met with the Iraqi leader in late July, Secretary of State James A. Baker III says.

"I'm confident that she was not intending to give him the green light," Baker said in a CBS interview with Connie Chung aired Monday night, in which he defended Ambassador April Glaspie.Glaspie met with Saddam July 25 on one hour's notice, at his request. An Iraqi transcript undisputed by the State Department says she told the Iraqi president that the United States had no opinion on his border dispute with Kuwait. Saddam's forces seized Kuwait on Aug. 2.

Baker was asked if events might have been different if Saddam had been "sufficiently warned," by Glaspie.

"Maybe, yes, absolutely," Baker said. "As the president has said, as I have said, with 20-20 hindsight, there might be some things we would have done differently."