The Utah Broadcasters Association announced the winners of its second annual UBEE Awards competition at the annual UBA convention held Saturday night at Snowbird.

Awards chairperson Maria Smith said the competition recognizes the best commercials, public service announcements, news programs and other special broadcast projects produced by Utah's radio and television stations.The winners were:


Winners for the best 60-second radio commercial division by the three market-size categories were: KSVC/KKWZ ("Texaco Foodmart & Car Wash" produced by Kent Colby); KSUB/KSSD radio ("Crazy Bob's Go West" by Cal Rollins); KSFI/KDYL radio ("Intermountain Glass/Backyard Jock" by Rob Wray, Arny Wheeler and Chere Wood).

Two KUTV commercials produced by Vicky Osborn and Deborah Hamberlin ("When Love Dies" and "Betrayed") tied for the best TV commercial produced for under $3,000.

KTVX TV was recognized for the best TV commercial spot produced for over $3,000 with "KTVX News/Single Person" by Randy Hoffman and Susan Silver.

Public service announcements, campaigns:

Winners in various categories recognizing the best public service announcements were: KPCW radio ("Art Center" by Mike Phillips and Brian Lipchik); KUTV ("Viva La Fiesta" by Kimberly Leslie); and KUTV ("Baby Your Baby" by Hamberlin and Duff Clawson).

Winners for multi-faceted public service campaigns were: KPCW (a tie for "Shop Local #1" and "Shop Local #2" by Phillips and Lipchik); KSUB/KSSD radio ("Iron Mission" by Cal Rollins and Norm Forbush); and KUTV ("Baby Your Baby" by Smith).

Winners for multi-faceted promotional campaigns were: KPCW radio ("Superman/Wizard" by Phillips and Lipchik); KSUB/KSSD radio (T-Bird Reports/Back to School" by Rollins); KRSP AM/FM radio (World's Biggest Backyard BBQ" by Sherry Brown and John Florence); and KUTV ("Livin' in Utah" by Hamberlin and Clawson).


Winners for best entertainment programs were: KPCW radio ("Eyewitness Elementary News" by Betsey Bacon); KRSP AM/FM radio ("Dawn Patrol/Helium Friday" by Jon Carter and Dan Bammes); and KUTV ("Salt Flat Treasure" by Farah Mahi).

Public Affairs:

Taking the top honors for best public affairs programs were: KPCW radio ("KPCW Morning News Magazine" by Blair Feulner, Nan Chalat and Ric Brough); KUSU radio ("USU Week" by Lee Austin); KUER radio ("Sunday Journal" by Roy Gibson, Larry Holt, Kelly Spratlin and Doug Fabrizio); and KUTV ("Baby Your Baby: Coming to Terms" by Jeri Openshaw.


Winners for the best radio sports programs were: KSUB/KSSD radio ("1-A Basketball Championship" by Art Challis); and KSL radio ("Sports Central/Australia" by Jim Braden).

Tying for the best live event sports program were: KBYU ("BYU vs. Washington State/Basketball" by Russ Merrill and Mikel Minor) and KUTV ("Melbourne Bowl PreGame Show" by Dean Paynter and Dave Fox).

KUTV was also recognized for best pre-recorded sports program ("St. George Marathon" by Paynter, Brian Gallagher and Kevin Harper).

Lifestyle, Documentary, Children's :

Recipients of awards for the best lifestyle program or segment were: KPCW radio ("Park City People" by Feulner); KUSU radio ("Tour of the Pumping Station" by Austin); KSL radio ("The Parks of Northeastern Utah" by Doug Miller); and KSL TV ("No Home for the Holidays" by Louise Degn, Bruce Lindsay and Sam Prigg).

KUER was awarded the best television documentary for "Wild Horses, Wild Times" by John Howe.

KSL TV received the best children's TV program award for "Hometown Heroes: Because Kids Matter" by Maggie St. Claire.

Single Event, In-Depth Reporting:

For best news coverage of a single event, the following stations were honored: KPCW radio ("Singer Shootout" by Chalat, Feulner, Brough); KSUB/KSSD radio ("Drug Bust" by Rollins); KALL radio ("Selby Execution" by Tracie Cayford, Kristie Snow and Arlin Somers); and KUTV ("Singer Standoff Ends" by Mike Youngren and the KUTV News staff).

For the best in-depth reporting in a series, KPCW radio ("McIntyre vs. Board of Education" by Chalet and Feulner); KUSU radio ("Pothunting in Southeastern Utah" by Austin); KSL radio ("Hoffman Documentary" by Miller and the KSL news staff); KTVX TV ("Genetics: Changing Plans" by Jerry Andersch).


Winners for best newscast were: KPCW radio ("Singer Shootout" by Chalet, Feulner and Brough); KSUB/KSSD radio ("Olympic Singer" by Rollins); KSL radio ("Singer Shootout Coverage" by Miller and the KSL news staff); and KUTV ("KUTV News" by Youngren and the KUTV news staff).