DEAR ABBY: Please address the following issues in your column soon. My husband, a physician, will be deployed to the Persian Gulf any day as a part of a fleet hospital unit for the U.S. Navy. It is a very stressful time for us, made even more stressful by some of the remarks we hear from friends and acquaintances.

Abby, please tell people not to ask those who are headed for the Persian Gulf whether they think we should be there. My husband is a reservist and he must follow orders. We have to believe that our experts in Washington know what they are doing and their decisions are based on information that the general public is not privy to for security reasons.Second, it is all right to ask me how I plan to manage without my husband home. We haven't been apart for more than two weeks since we were married 32 years ago, and it will not be easy for either one of us, but with God's help, we will both survive. So, ask me, because I need to verbalize my feelings, fears and plans. Then be prepared to listen to what I have to say.

Offer to help me shovel my driveway, do some home repairs or fill a lonely afternoon or evening. Also ask me for his address so you can write to him. Our men and women in the service love to get mail from home.

Abby, please pass this along to your readers. Military families need all the help they can get. - MILITARY WIFE IN LUBBOCK

DEAR MILITARY WIFE: Thank you for an important letter. I hope it will be heeded - particularly your suggestion to ask for the addresses of friends and neighbors in the military. Mail from home is a tremendous morale booster for service members who are far from home.

DEAR ABBY: In a recent column, you said that the U.S. Constitution specifies that no person born on foreign soil shall be eligible to hold the office of the presidency. That is incorrect.

The Constitution states that a candiate for the office of president must be a natural-born citizen of the United States, which could be interpreted to mean that an individual born of U.S. citizens in a foreign country IS eligible to run.

This question was raised in the early 1960s when Michigan's governor, George Romney, was a candidate for the presidency. Gov. Romney was born in Mexico of missionary parents who were both citizens of the United States. - RICHARD F. CZUBAJ, ROCHESTER HILLS, MICH.

DEAR MR. CZUBAJ: You are indeed correct. An alert editor caught my error and I sent out a correction, but alas, my goof had already gone to press in some areas. Mea culpa Numero Uno for 1991.

DEAR ABBY: This morning my daughter woke me at 6 a.m., saying she wanted to write a letter to Dear Abby. I thought, "What could a 5-year-old want to write to Abby about?"

Well, enclosed is her question: "Why isn't there a Truth Day?" Signed, "Nicole." - J.M. IN HONOLULU

DEAR J.M.: Your daughter is adorable. Please tell her that Abby said, "EVERY day should be a `Truth Day'! That's why."

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