Alta View Hospital

HARDING, Robert and Julia, Sandy, boy.

QULIES, Charlene, Salt Lake City, boy.

RICHINS, J. Dee and Christine, Sandy, girl.

SEARCEY, Steve and Diane, Snowbird, girl.

SORENSEN, Wayne and Pamela, Riverson, boy.

LDS Hospital

BEAGLEY, Cary W. and Leanna, girl.

DOUGHRTY, Jason and Hilary, girl.

FOSTER, William A. and Bonnie Jo Flick, boy.

PIXTON, Byron and Carolyn, boy.

SMALL, Darin and Camia Cay, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital

ANGSTMAN, Barry and Catherine, Salt Lake City, boy.

CARD, Tim and Stacey, Sandy, girl.

GOMEZ, Ronald and Pamela, Salt Lake City, girl.

HENRY, Jonathan and Janice, West Valley City, girl.

QUACH, Tien and Huogg, Salt Lake City, boy.

ROBISON, Daniel and Paula, Salt Lake City, girl.

THOMAS, Larry and Christina, Dugway, girl.