* WINNERS: The many banks around the country that are going beyond what the law requires by way of helping military reservists on active duty in the Persian Gulf. Some banks have gone so far as to drop interest charges and postpone payment deadlines until after the reservists come home. Thanks for showing that there are better ways for demonstrating patriotism than holding a rally.

* WINNERS: Parents who have stopped giving aspirin to their sick children. As a result, federal researchers reported this week, Reye's Syndrome, a potentially fatal childhood disease, has been virtually wiped out.LOSER: The image of the medical profession. According to a new study, one in 25 hospital patients is injured by a physician - sometimes fatally. At least one public health expert says the situation is actually worse. Some doctors evidently need to be reminded of the long-standing principle that a physician's first duty is to do no harm.

LOSER: Mary David of Altoona, Pa. After being arrested for illegal fortune telling, she claimed she didn't know a thing about Pennsylvania's anti-psychic law. Add her name to the long list of so-called clairvoyants who are unable to see their own future.

LOSER: This country's reputation for tolerance. The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith reports that there were 1,685 anti-Semitic incidents in the United States last year, an all-time high and the fourth consecutive year of increases. For shame, America.

* WINNERS: Labor and management. There were only 45 strikes and lockouts in the United States last year. That's the second-lowest number of work stoppages on record, out-done only by the 40 that occurred in 1988. Instead of immediately resorting to strikes, unions are wisely trying other methods to get redress of their grievances.

* WINNERS?: That well-meaning crowd of people in Keithville, La., who spent most of the night trying to rescue a black bear caught 50 to 60 feet up a pine tree so they could move it to a wildlife area. After nets and tranquilizer darts failed, townsfolk finally chopped the tree down. Only then did they discover what they had rescued was not a bear but a dart-riddled garbage bag. Oh, well, good intentions should count for something.