Members of a vacationing Canadian family left Utah with literally only the shirts on their backs after their rented Deer Valley condominium was gutted by fire early Saturday.

Park City officials said the family acquired new shoes and pants and immediately left for the airport and their home in Canada.The Pinnacle condominium, 1239 Pinnacle Drive, caught fire from hot ashes left in a trash can by previous guests, according to a Park City Fire Department spokesman. The trash cans are kept in the entry way of each condominium unit.

The Canadian family awoke to flames and smoke and called for help at 4:55 a.m. They escaped the blaze with no injuries.

Officials said the fire was especially difficult to control because of the copper roofing. The metal holds the fire in and causes it to spread laterally before firefighters can get to it.

The sprinkler system was disconnected at the time of the blaze, investigators reported. It had been shut down for repairs.

The fire walls between condominium units were effective, according to officials. Unoccupied condominiums on each side of the burned unit sustained damage to the roofs, but the fire walls prevented the blaze from spreading to the interior of either unit.

No estimation of damages has been reported. Condominiums in Deer Valley are typically valued at more than $200,000.