A white-separatist who once led the Aryan Nations church in Utah says he will open a church and reading room in Salt Lake City next week.

Dwight McCarthy, who also hosted the "Aryan Nations Hour" radio show until protests forced it off the air last year, said the reading room will open Aug. 29 at noon at 1348 E. 33rd South, Suite 201.McCarthy now heads his own white-separatist The Church of Christian Israel. He left the Aryan Nations early this year - even though he was its Utah leader -saying it was "more neo-Nazi" than concerned about the Christian Identity religion, which believes that the white race is the chosen people of God.

"I expect some negative reaction, but not as much as I had with the radio show," McCarthy told the Deseret News. "It was a mistake joining the Aryan Nations, and I admit it. My group now is a religion - not a neo-Nazi group - and shouldn't bring as much negative reaction."

McCarthy said he also will hold a Sunday school at the reading room.