Tiffany, born in July 1979, loves ballet. And when her memories and life become too tough, she escapes into another favorite activity: reading.

Due to a past of neglect and abuse, Tiffany is immature and prefers to play with younger children. Barbie dolls, playing house and dress-up and playing in the sandbox still interest her. She can carry on an adult-level conversation in one-on-one settings, but she doesn't relate well to children her own age. Her play with younger children should be supervised.She will be in the fifth grade in the fall. Although she has average intelligence, she is inconsistent in school and may or may not do assignments, depending on her mood. A new school with individualized and self-paced programs for students may better meet her needs.

Tiffany's past experiences of abuse and the loss of both her birth family and a foster family have left her with significant emotional and attachment problems. She demands a lot of attention from adults and seems to feel the need to be in control and have the last word. Tiffany seems to expect negative attention so she often sets up situations that will ensure that she receives it.