A brochure providing detailed instructions on the proper installation of Durock Interior Cement Board is now available from United States Gypsum Company.

This nine-page publication gives step-by-step instructions for the installation on walls, ceilings, floors and countertops. The brochure also gives directions for Durock's use in UL-listed floor protectors and wall shields.The brochure is complete with clear and accurate illustrations, a list of tools and materials needed and serves as a helpful reference for do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike.

Durock Interior Cement Board is a 1/2-inch-thick panel made from an aggregated portland cement mixture, reinforced with a polymer-coated glass fiber mesh. The cement boards are strong, lightweight and highly resistant to water and moisture damage, making Durock an ideal underlayment for ceramic, marble or granite tile.

Durock comes in three panel sizes: 39-by-49, 39-by-59 and 39-by-69. The 39-by-59 and 39-by-69 panels are sized for use in tub or shower surrounds. The 39-by-49 size is especially useful for floor tile underlayment and for 16-inch framing.

In addition, 1/2-inch thick, 49-by-89 Durock Exterior Cement Boards can be used for interior applications to reduce the number of joints. Cutting is easily done by scoring the tile backer on one side, then snapping and cutting on the back side, just like drywall.

Durock Interior Cement Board is UL-listed for one- and two-hour fire rated partitions, and an additional UL listing allows for the board's use with solid-fuel room heaters and stoves.

For a free copy of brochure (CB-197) or additional information on Durock Interior Cement Board, write to United States Gypsum Company, Dept. #122-ZZ, 101 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606.