Some Utah candidates saw the recently con-cluded national conventions as irrestible opportunities to knock their incumbent opponents.

Brian Moss, Democratic challenger to Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, chided his opponent for belonging to what he described in a press release as, "The Bush, Quayle and Hatch Millionaire Club."Moss called Republican presidential candidate George Bush's selection of Sen. Dan Quayle, R-Ind., appropriate, "because Quayle rounds out the Orrin Hatch-George Bush `country club' ticket.' "

Calling all three "out of touch with the people," Moss said in the release that he, unlike the three Republicans, understands what he termed Utah values and Western issues because he lives them.

"The Republicans, on the other hand, have presented us with a trio of distant country club politicos who are are too busy protecting their big business benefactors to grasp the fundamental economic problems facing Utah," he said.

Independent candidate for governor Merrill Cook issued a two-page press release noting that incumbent Gov. Norm Bangerter spent time at the convention "scurrying around trying to get pictures of himself taken with President Reagan and Vice President Bush."

Any advantage that the governor - who's lagging in polls against Democratic challenger Ted Wilson but far ahead of Cook - might have gained from such photos, however, was lost once the president spoke, according to Cook.

"The president as much as said, `Prosperity follows tax cuts,' which is the theme of my campaign," Cook said.

His press release goes on to state that "Reagan was really endorsing Cook's campaign platform over Ban-gerter's, which talks of catastrophe if major permanent tax reductions were put into place."

That, of course, is a reference to the three tax initiatives that the same people who urged Cook to run got on the November ballot by circulating petitions statewide.

The press release concludes by stating that the "spirit and ideology and commitments of the national Republican Party is alive and well in Cook's Independent candidacy but is dead as a doornail within the Utah Republican Party under Bangerter, certainly as far as tax policy and education policy are concerned."

One Republican candidate brought up the Democratic National Convention in a recent press release - Richard Snelgrove, who's running against Democratic incumbent Wayne Owens for the District 2 congressional seat.

Snelgrove announced that Marvin Davis, a Jesse Jackson delegate from Utah to the Democratic National Convention, has endorsed his candidacy.

In a press release issued by Snel-grove, Davis is quoted as saying he believes Snelgrove will protect minority rights. Davis also said that Snelgrove was "a pro-growth candidate who would be in a better position to recruit jobs and industry," according to the release.