The dean of continuing education and assistant vice president for university extension at Utah State University has accepted a six-month appointment as a visiting Kellogg Fellow at Oxford University in England.

Rex L. Tueller, 54, who heads USU's Continuing Education Division, will take a sabbatical leave from his current duties to be in England from June through November. He will be accompanied by his wife, Robin, and his son, Jonathan.As a visiting fellow in the department for external studies, he will assist in the work of the Kellogg Forum in Continuing Education by doing research, developing projects, conducting seminars and conferences and making consulting visits in the United Kingdom.

The Kellogg Forum in Continuing Education was established at Oxford in 1988 to appoint, by invitation, a number of people distinguished in continuing education, to study various current and critical issues within the field.

A major focus of his work will be finding ways to provide academic support services for outreach students enrolled in electronic distance education programs.