A Christmas gift to Staff Sgt. Mike Bozek has been re-assigned - to the White House.

When Defense Secretary Dick Cheney returned for his weekend tour of a Saudi air base, he brought with him a 6-inch Bart Simpson doll to be given to President Bush.Bozek's grandmother, 78-year-old Ruth Robinson of Marblehead, sent the yellow, plastic doll of the cartoon character, and it was adopted by the fliers, crewmen and support staff working on F-117A Stealth fighters.

"Bart Simpson is going right to the top," Cheney said after accepting the doll and promising to give it to the president.

Bozek's mother, Adele Mazzone of Revere, said the hoopla has eased some of the tension since he was stationed in the Persian Gulf. "This is the happiest, most exciting thing since my son went over. It gave us something to smile about. There's been very few things to smile about," she said.