Hal Gardiner & Associates Public Relations, 56 W. 400 South, has updated and expanded the Utah Publicity Source Book, a complete directory of the Utah media, legislators, organizations and events of interest to communications professionals.

All information in the book has been updated for the 1991 edition that will be available by Feb. 20. A new section contains a directory of free-lance writers.The complete book is available for $132.81 (including tax) and inserts can be purchased for $90.31. It can be ordered through: Utah Publicity Source Book, Hal Gardiner & Associates, P.O. Box 30, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110 or by calling Linda Dallimore at 364-5600.

In addition to information about the media, the new book has information on chambers of commerce, county and state government leaders, Salt Lake-based associations and clubs, Utah's lobbying rules and the Utah Travel Council's 1991 calendar of events.