Poor timing and heightened fears of war-inspired terrorism landed a Domino's Pizza deliveryman and his friend in jail for joking they were delivering a bomb, not pizzas, to a U.S. Army base.

Dennis Siciliano, 29, drove his unmarked jeep up to Gate 1 Thursday at Fort Dix and when routinely stopped by a guard who asked what was inside the vehicle, Siciliano replied "a bomb," state police said.The guard immediately called military police who continued to question Siciliano, a driver for a Domino's franchise in Cookstown, and passenger Paul L. Sexton, 37.

"When they asked the passenger if there was a bomb in the back, he said, `I don't know. I guess you better have a look,' " state police Detective Edward Verbeke said.

"This is certainly not the time or the place for pranks," Verbeke told the Trenton Times.

MPs trained their guns on the pair and ordered them out of the jeep. The state police bomb squad was called in, the area around the jeep was evacuated, the base's entrance and exit were sealed and the highway in front of the base was closed.

Only when the bomb squad arrived did Siciliano and Sexton insist it was all a joke, Verbeke said.

State police found two pizzas that were to have been delivered to the base, but no bombs. The base was re-opened after a half hour.

Sexton and Siciliano were charged with making terroristic threats.