Members of the Governor's Henderson Commission have released a comprehensive 16-page report which recommends stricter regulations for businesses that produce hazardous materials.

The report addresses six areas including fire, health and safety, zoning, insurance, community planning and response and transportation and suggests harsher penalties for businesses that violate safety regulations.It also recommends the opening of plant inspection records, citations and violations to the public and suggests the reclassification of ammonium perchlorate - the solid rocket fuel oxidizer produced at Pacific Engineering and Production Co. - from a non-explosive to an explosive-combustible status.

The commission was formed in the wake of the May 4 blast that leveled the PEPCON plant at Henderson, to help ensure against similar disasters.

A Fire Department investigation concluded a stray spark from a welder's torch ignited the fire that caused the earthquake-force explosions at the plant. The blast killed two employees, injured 350 people and caused millions of dollars worth of property damage.

Ammonium perchlorate is vital to the nation's defense and space efforts. Pacific Engineering recently announced the relocation of its ammonium perchlorate production plant to a site outside Cedar City, Utah.