A campaign disclosure bill that would make legislative candidates report before elections and report all their contributions has passed a Senate committee and will be considered by the whole Senate soon.

Sen. Stephen Rees, R-West Valley, amended his bill in the committee to include complete campaign reporting. As originally introduced, the bill would have required reporting during the year a candidate runs for office, but not in off-election years, even though the lawmaker could be raising funds then.Rees' bill now says that should a lawmaker run for re-election, in his first pre-election report - before a primary if he has an intra-party challenge or before the general election - he must report all of his campaign fund raising and expenses since his last report. For House members that would be an 18-month period. For senators it would be nearly three years of fund raising and expenses. If an incumbent decided not to seek re-election, he wouldn't file any report detailing fund raising or expenses since his last election.