After Utah County parents told him that trucks rolling through the streets of Provo and Orem are endangering their children, Gov. Norm Bangerter wants to know if the state can stop the trucks from using Provo Canyon as a shortcut between I-15 and I-80.

Within hours of the Friday meeting with a dozen representatives of the two communities, the governor put a letter requesting a formal legal opinion on the issue in the hands of Attorney General Paul Van Dam."I have directed the Utah State Transportation Commission to find a way to keep interstate traffic on the interstate system rather than Highway 189 through Provo Canyon," Bangerter's letter reads.

The attorney general is being asked if the state can restrict most of the truck traffic through Provo Canyon but allow trucks making deliveries in the Utah County area to continue to use the route.

Bud Scruggs, the governor's chief of staff, said he has witnessed their concerns firsthand while looking out a window at a restaurant that fronted University Avenue.

"I felt like I was at some Salt Palace monster truck event," Scruggs said.