A lawsuit has been filed in 4th District Court in Boise against Grangeville School District for allowing prayer at graduations and other school events.

The suit was filed Monday by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of Phyllis Wright Harris of Grangeville and her three children."The law is clear that public schools may not sponsor or promote prayer at school events," the lawsuit asserts.

The suit contends the district allows prayer at high school graduation ceremonies and at the school's sports banquets in violation of the state and United States constitutions.

Two of Wright Harris' children attend Grangeville High School. The third attends Grangeville Junior High School.

The suit charges that the school district's actions promote religion and cause "suffering" and "irreparable harm" to the Wright Harris' and asks that prayer at graduation and other school functions be banned.

ACLU attorneys in the case are Stephen Pevar of Denver and Alan Kofoed of Boise.

Pevar said the law "is pretty clear that it's impermissible (to have prayer at school graduations), so until the U.S. Supreme Court decides differently, there's not much to argue about." Kofoed said the ACLU hopes for a decision by graduation in May.

In December, the board backed down on distributing Gideon Bibles in the schools. But it held fast to its position on school prayer, saying it wanted to wait for the outcome of a similar case being decided in Rexburg.