Four Utah hunters were fined $300 each but allowed to keep the buffalo meat after they shot cows instead of bulls during a state-authorized hunt on the Henry Mountains in eastern Garfield County.

Voluntarily turning themselves in to authorities were Larry Staley, 25, Ogden; Karl Migliori, 50, and Lynn Angus, 40, both Vernal; and Dennis Russel, address not reported.The men carefully salvaged the meat to keep it from spoiling, but the heads and capes of the animals were confiscated by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. Fines were suspended by 6th Circuit Court Judge David Mower upon recommendation of Wildlife Resources officers.

Participants in the once-in-a-lifetime hunt are chosen annually by lottery. Hunters are given instructions to help them distinguish between bulls and cows, both of which have horns, but the hunters still mistook the cows for bulls, they told the court.

The animals in the Henry Mountains comprise the nation's only free-roaming herd of buffalo in the United States.