More than 220 civilian and military workers from Tooele Army Depot have agreed to take voluntary transfers for up to 179 days to other U.S. depot locations and a parts and maintenance facility in Southwest Asia in support of Operation Desert Storm.

The Southwest Asian facility has been established in an undisclosed location and is designed to operate as a supply and maintenance point for U.S. and allied forces, maintaining and repairing engine parts and support equipment such as laundry units, air conditioning units and bakery units.Volunteers from Tooele have been leaving in small groups for their assignments since October. About half of the group has already left Tooele, and employees continue to volunteer for the duty, according to depot spokesman Erick Wright.

About 10 military officials are also on temporary duty assignments away from Tooele as part of the operation. Temporary workers have been hired to support the work force at Tooele while regular employees fulfill the wartime assignment.

Employees receive customs, security and safety training at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland before leaving the country. The depot's Army Community Service provides support for dependents of the deployed civilian and military personnel. Family support meetings are conducted regularly to provide opportunities to ask questions and air concerns. For information call 833-2852.