City Councilman Paul Wagaman is in no danger of losing his elected post, as long as he returns to Kaysville in the next month from his temporary residence in Canada, officials said Friday.

State law provides for the automatic ouster of any elected official who maintains continuous residence outside the boundaries of his jurisdiction for more than 60 days.Wagaman, an engineer for Unisys Corp., has been living for about 5 weeks in Carleton Place, Ontario, on temporary job assignment.

City administrator John Thacker said Wagaman's council seat will be safe as long as he enters the municipal boundaries, even briefly, before the 60 days is up.

"If he's back here before the 60 days, he still has his council seat," Thacker said.

That judgment, said Thacker, is based on a formal opinion by city attorneys Felshaw King and Glen Cella.

And Thacker said he recently spoke by telephone with Wagaman and "he indicated he would be back for the Sept. 6 council meeting," which would be well within the 60-day limit.