New bills filed:HB305 (James) - Provides for the use and confidentiality of diagnostic evaluations at the Department of Corrections.

HB309 (Jensen) - Allows labor organizations and associations to file lawsuits on behalf of members.

HB310 (Valentine) - Amends the Utah Health Care Malpractice Act.

HB311 (Davis) - Allows counties to impose additional tourism, recreation and convention facilities taxes.

HB312 (Hendrickson) - Allows retirement for certain state employees after 25 years of service.

HB313 (Melvin Brown) - Changes the name of the Utah State Training School and requires the Division of Services to the Handicapped to adopt a plan for reducing the number of patients at the hospital.

HJR29 (Dmitrich) - Urges the Transportation Commission to examine the feasibility of building a four-lane highway between Helper and I-15.

SB159 (Howell) - Requires students to complete three years of math and three years of science while in grades 9 through 12.

SB161 (Howell) - Adjusts teacher career- ladder pay upward as the weighted pupil unit goes up.

SB162 (Holmgren) - Removes the dollar limit on assessments that courts are authorized to order.

SJR15 (Cary Peterson) - Commends the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and the Utah Uniform Law commissioners for 100 years of service.

SJR16 (Mantes) - Honors Samuel Wayne Clark Sr. for dedication to country, state, church and family.