HB297 (Wharton) - Requires certain railroad track equipment to have tops, side curtains, windshield wipers and heaters during the winter months.HB298 (Dmitrich) - Amends the definition of solid and hazardous waste regarding commercial non-hazardous waste treatment.

HB299 (Wharton) - Allows members of the retirement systems to receive service credits for unused sick and vacation leave with the costs borne by the employer.

HB301 (Rushton) - Eliminates the provisions differentiating between alien and resident dependents of deceased workers in workers compensation cases.

HB302 (Davis) - Increases the compensation of county firefighter's civil service commission members.

HB303 (Tuttle) - Changes certain supervisory responsibility upon termination of probation and parole to the Office of Recovery Services.

HB304 (Oscarson) - Creates an income-tax checkoff for the Children's Organ Transplant Trust Account.

HB306 (Haymond) - Defines the practice of recreation therapy and sets license classifications.

HB307 (Glen Brown) - Requires fees to be adopted or increased as part of the budget process and requires public hearings before fees can be increased.

HB308 (Alexander) - Amends the deadline for payment of taxes.

HCR35 (Burningham) - Honors the Utah Heritage Foundation for its contributions to the preservation of Utah's architectural and cultural heritage.

HJR26 (Irby Arrington) - Recognizes the important of federal Medicaid mandates and urges the federal government to give states greater flexibility in administering those funds.

SB151 (Hillyard) - Reclassifies selected misdemeanor offenses.

SB152 (Howell) - Repeals the $1.6 million appropriation to purchase the Heber Creeper.

SB153 (Christensen) - Makes technical amendments to the state's liquor laws.

SB154 (Chuck Peterson) - Clarifies certain powers of the Department of Financial Institutions.

SB155 (Money) - Provides for a six-month judicial review of a child's placement in foster care to determine whether it should be continued or parental rights terminated.

SB156 (Shepherd) - Allows employees to leave work to attend parent-teacher conferences.

SB157 (Mantes) - Makes the offense of "equity skimming" of a vehicle a third degree felony.

SCR8 (Myrin) - Commends the Utah Highway Patrol and the Division of Investigations for their efforts in drug enforcement.