A British Arctic expert says that Robert Peary, credited with being the first explorer to reach the North Pole, may actually have missed it by 30 to 60 miles, the New York Times reported Monday. Essential data is missing from Peary's records and Peary's own behavior after returning indicates he may have known he missed his objective, according to Wally Herbert, whose conjecture in the September issue of National Geographic magazine was summarized by the Times. Peary's diary and other documents of his 1909 expedition, held in the National Archives in Washington, were opened to scholars recently. Herbert said his doubts were based on possible navigational errors, extraordinary distance claims and blank pages in Peary's diary. The diary entry for April 6, 1909, the day Peary is supposed to have reached the pole, made no mention of it, but a loose page was inserted that proclaimed, "The pole at last!!!" Herbert said.