To the editor:

The Big Water School in Kane County is beginning its second semester of its third year in operation. Students and teachers alike have worked very hard to achieve individual successes in learning experiences.All of this dedicated effort will be rewarded in the late spring when the new building for the Big Water School is opened for us. For the past 2 1/2 years, the Big Water School has been using temporary classroom trailers in anticipation of having a permanent structure.

Most of the Big Water School staff started working when the school opened in August 1988. Principal Clint Nielsen keeps busy by juggling his administrative duties with a full-time secondary teaching load, sharing junior and senior high teaching responsibilities with me. I also work with elementary students each week.

Ron Wood teaches fifth and sixth grades, and also teaches junior high and senior high boys' physical education. Patricia Graffam teaches third and fourth grades, along with lower elementary and junior high art. Mary Rose teaches first and second grades, and also conducts elementary and secondary music classes. Erick Lassen, the custodian, also serves as a substitute teacher.

Catherine Lassen has been working as a substitute teacher and volunteering her time to teach a secondary girls' aerobics class. Ann Nielsen coordinates and assists in all school functions by efficiently filling the jobs of school secretary and bus driver.

Three staff members are new to the Big Water School this school year. Sherece Nielsen teaches kindergarten in the morning and special education/resource in the afternoon. Robert Banfill is a computer technology instructor for all junior high and senior high students. Debbie Roundtree, beginning now with this school year's second semester, is teaching home economics skills to all junior high and senior high students.

Despite the fact that the Big Water School has a humble physical facility and appearance at this time, staff members feel strongly that major educational achievements have occurred. Students have had the enriching opportunities of more teacher-student contact due to small class size and the benefit of cooperative teaching among staff members.

The combination of these educational accomplishments and the completion of the new school building point toward a successful and proud future for the Big Water School.

Jody Wood, teacher

Big Water School