Donald Trump starred in a music video with an all-female rock band, but after arguing with the band over money, he refused to let the video air on MTV, a newspaper reports.

Leslie Knauer, Precious Metal's lead singer, told the New York Post that Trumporiginally agreed to appear in the video, a heavy-metal remake of the 1970s soul hit "Mr. Big Stuff," if the band would donate $10,000 to charity.

A deal was struck and Trump shot his part last November. In it, Trump plays a tycoon who tries to woo Knauer by offering her an exclusive record contract.

After the video was shot, Knauer told the Post, Trump said, "You know, $10,000 really isn't a Trump kind of donation."

"He said he wanted $250,000 and he would decide who to give it to," Knauer said.

The singer said her band could not afford the higher amount.

Unable to reach a compromise with Trump, the band had to recut the video, removing Trump's footage, the Post said.

Trump spokeswoman Valerie Angeli said the request for $250,000 was not out of line. "They told him it would be a cameo one-second role and then it turned out he appeared through the entire song," Angeli said.