A woman reporter who worked at KUTV television has filed a U.S. District Court lawsuit charging sex discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment and slander.

The suit filed by Jennifer Skiff alleges that male reporters at KUTV doing similar jobs earned higher wages than Skiff and that the male reporter with less experience hired after her began working at higher pay.Skiff charges that men were allowed to wear jeans, got free health spa memberships and were allowed to play on the company softball team, and women were not.

The suit also asserts that "a senior male reporter asked Skiff why she didn't wear lower-cut blouses" and cites other instances of alleged sexual harrassment.

In November 1986, KUTV laid off about 25 percent of its news room employees but not Skiff. In January 1987, she was the only full-time female reporter on the staff while there were more than 10 full-time male reporters.

The suit alleges that after Skiff reported discrimination to the station lawyer, she was fired.