South and North Korea were deadlocked Monday after a third round of talks on a non-aggression agreement and the Olympics, with no word on whether negotiations will resume.

The two sides again refused to make any major changes in their positions and blamed each other for blocking progress.The communist North is demanding to be a co-host for the Olympics, while the South insists the North drop its demand and take part in the Games in Seoul, which begin next month.

The meeting between five-member delegations of lawmakers from each side was held in the North Korean building at the Panmunjom truce site straddling the Demilitarized Zone dividing the two sides.

Earlier meetings were held Saturday and Friday.

The meeting ended after more than two hours when South Korean chief delegate Park Joon-kyu said negotiations were deadlocked and proposed a private meeting with his communist counterpart to try and resolve the problem.

North Korea's delegation withdrew to consider the proposal but did not respond by the set deadline and the South Korean delegation returned to Seoul.

South Korean officials in Seoul said they did not know if any further talks would be held. They declined to say if the South would make any attempt to resume negotiations.

North Korean chief delegate Chon Kum Chol accused the South of blocking progress.

"South Korea's attitude is anti-unification. Their direction and way of thinking is mistaken," he told reporters.

South Korea called for urgent talks to be held in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang from Aug. 29 to focus solely on trying to resolve the Olympic issue while there was still time. The Olympics begin Sept. 17, and Sept. 2 is the entry deadline for athletes.

"I must say the Olympic issue is an urgent and important question and both sides agree that the question should be resolved before the end of August," Park said.

North Korea wants immediate talks involving the full legislatures of both sides to draw up a non-aggression declaration.

South Korea, which has said co-hosting of the Games is impossible, wants talks involving select parliamentary delegations. Seoul also wants to discuss a larger range of issues.