The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources transplanted 32 desert bighorn sheep from the North San Rafael and Potash.

The sheep were reintroduced into the unit in the late 1970s. The unit now holds nearly 200 sheep and is the fastest growing herd in the state.Biologist trapped 4 rams, 15 ewes and 3 lambs for introduction into Happy Canyon, a tributary to the Dirty Devil River.

The Potash unit holds about 100 sheep. The DWR trapped 3 rams, 5 ewes and 2 lambs that were released in Professor Valley in Arches National Park.

BALD EAGLE DAY - Saturday the DWR will set up eagle viewing stations at six locations.

They are: Ogden Bay Waterfowl Management Area, west of Ogden; Saltair Resort on the shores of Great Salt Lake; Ophir Canyon, south of Tooele; along the Green River from Jensen to Dinosaur National Monument; Quichipa Lake, west of Cedar City; and Gordon Creek, west of Price. Sites are open from dawn to dusk. Posters, publications and DWR officers well be at each location.