The 1990s could be the Decade of the Environment for the city of Orem, say City Council members.

In addition to future discussion of new regulations for clean air and clean water, the council is moving ahead with plans for a citywide recycling project.Councilman Keith Hunt said, "We have to learn how to do it (recycling) and make it part of our lives."

The council approved a change in zoning that will permit trailers and containers for recyclable materials to be placed in any zone in the city, with the approval of the Development Review Committee.

Ed Stout, director of Orem's development services, said the trailers and containers are mobile, so if there is a problem, they can be relocated.

The city plans to place the trailers in residential areas at schools and at the Orem City Recreation Center, for example, Stout said.

The ordinance, which passed unanimously, adds, "The City Council finds that there is a need to encourage public awareness of environmentally sensitive issues, and that the city, including its citizens, should participate in every opportunity to recycle materials that negatively affect the environment."