New bills introduced:HB268 (Adams) - Redistributes interest earned from the permanent School Trust Fund.

HB292 (Dmitrich) - Requires applicants for a motorcycle operator's license to complete an approved training course.

HB293 (Harward) - Revises personnel management sections, making technical amendments.

HB294 (Irby Arrington) - Prohibits unauthorized endorsements.

HB295 (Ray Nielsen) - Provides additional types of business activities that may qualify for enterprise zone incentives.

HB296 (Wharton, Davis) - Requires railroads to provide catwalks and handrails on new construction and renovations.

HJR27 (Melvin Brown) - Encourages state agencies and private organizations to adopt certain values.

HJR28 (Bradford) - Designates February as PTA month.

HCR34 (Lyon) - Honors Marine Lance Cpl. Dion James Stephenson, the first Utahn killed in action in the Persian Gulf.