Look for a bold and color-packed fashion statement if Kitty Dukakis moves into the White House. Julie Francis, one of Kitty's favorite designers, says the wife of Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis was made for the limelight: "She has a great figure and she has height," says Francis, an unknown who started her New York-based label five years ago.

"She looks extremely well in clothes. Kitty loves all the jewel tones. Her favorite color to wear is red, followed by bright royal blue and purple." And if Kitty does become first lady, Francis feels her style will take hold in Washington, a town that's been saturated with Adolfo - Nancy Reagan's pet designer - for eight years. "I definitely think Kitty will change fashion," adds Francis. "She likes to wear a dress in a great pattern with a matching three-quarter length coat. She loves the feel of an ensemble. And everything is worn in bright colors. This is a new look for American women." Kitty dresses like an executive, a working woman, yet she keeps her femininity. I think many women today are striving for this."