Mr. T wasn't impressed with the fare during a recent meal at the famous Trumps in West Hollywood, Calif., but a waiter was impressed with him.

Mr. T, star of "The A-Team" and "T and T," was served dainty cucumber sandwiches, endive and other trendy food."Is this what we eat or is this just decoration?" he asked. "Do you have any real food, like bread?"

Scones were next.

"Scones. They taste like homemade biscuits with raisins. They just call them scones so they can charge an extra $10," he said.

He told the waiter to put his tea in a gold and diamond-studded goblet he brought with him.

"I wonder if they have any Lipton?" Mr. T asked. But the waiter brought the tea of the day Earl Grey. "Earl Grey? You don't have no black tea?"

He left the restaurant by limousine, on his way to a chicken restaurant where he said he planned to get some "real food."

"He's such a charming man," Mr. T's waiter said. "He didn't know (about tea and scones) and wasn't trying to fake it."