Suddenly, the kids on the bus are angels.

Elementary school pupils in Paris, Tenn., are on their best behavior because of a new video camera system on school buses.And everyone (except the kids) seems happy about it. Parents, teachers, school officials and drivers are delighted that city schools Superintendent Larry Vick came up with the idea.

"It helps enforce safety and discipline," Vick said.

All buses have been equipped to house a camera behind a one-way mirror/glass cabinet. The small cam-corder shows the entire passenger area of the bus and principals are then able to review the videotape and pinpoint those misbehaving.

There is only one video camera, but students don't know which bus is using it, so discipline improves on all buses.

Parents were notified before the program began and they approved. School board members recently watched a "before and after" taping of a busload of students and were amazed at the difference.