Most states adopted their own affirmative action programs after the Civil Rights Act was enacted in 1964.

Now more than 25 years later, Utah is finally getting around to it. The House, by a 64-1 vote, passed a state affirmative action law that requires state government to comply by the same basic principles already required by the federal government.HB89, sponsored by Rep. Joanne Milner, D-Salt Lake, would require state government to:

- Conduct a "reasonable self-analysis" to see if state hiring practices exclude certain groups of people.

- See if current hiring practices adversely effect certain groups of people.

- Establish goals to correct any problems.

Amendments were included to the bill to specify the law would not result in hiring quotas - something opposed by conservative lawmakers. State departments that receive any federal funds already have to comply with the federal law.

Only Rep. Reese Hunter, R-Salt Lake, voted against the bill.