Florida Gov. Bob Martinez has landed a bit part in the newest James Bond flick, but he says he isn't about to abandon politics for the silver screen.

On Monday, he'll fly to Key West to film his part in "License Revoked," being filmed here this month. The governor landed the part two weeks ago while he was in town to watch the filming.It's not exactly a big part. Martinez will play a man standing in line behind star Timothy Dalton at an airline counter in Key West International Airport. The governor won't say a word, but he doesn't mind that.

"I just appreciate the opportunity for a few minutes in the film," Martinez said. "I've always admired the great actor who became president of the United States. This will give me something else to share in common with him."

Martinez's movie role also gives him something in common with the state's only other Republican governor. In 1977, ex-Gov. Claude Kirk played a crooked former state senator in "Rooster."