A minor earthquake Wednesday shook an area of central Utah, where it was felt by miners working near this tiny coal-mining community.

Sue Nava, senior staff seismologist with the University of Utah Seismograph Stations, said the quake measured 3.3 on the Richter scale and had an epicenter 3.5 miles northwest of Hiawatha.The seismograph center recorded the time at 6:46 a.m. MST.

Nava said the shock was felt by U.S. Fuel Co. miners working in the Gentry Mountain mining complex near the town. There was no apparent damage and no other reports that the quake was noticed, she said.

"This is an active earthquake area, and today's activity is not considered unusual," Nava said. "Earthquakes in this area are related to the extraction of coal, and so when there's active mining there's an increase in seismicity."

The quake was the largest in Utah in several months. The most recent shock in the same area was a magnitude 2.8 quake that occurred on Dec. 24.