No serious food for thought this week, just a bag of snacks.

Hope they don't ruin your appetite.- It occurs to me the expression "I don't know that guy from Adam" is all wrong. For centuries religious thinkers have claimed that Adam - having been formed from clay and not "born" - is the only man in history without a bellybutton.

So supposedly we should be able to tell anybody from Adam on the spot.

- I was congratulating my grade-school daughter on her straight A's.

"It takes a lot of intelligence to get straight A's," I said.

"I know," she beamed. Then her face clouded.

"I've always wondered," she said, "just what are intelligence?"

- And my niece. My nephew's the family tease, and his sister had been burned by his outrageous stories one too many times. She wasn't falling for it again.

"You forget, Jody," she said with a huff, "I wasn't born yesterday . . . I was born today!"

- I ran across a quote the other day that's just too good not to share with you:

When the religion of a people is destroyed, doubt gets hold of the higher powers of the intellect and half paralyzes all the others. Everyone becomes accustomed to having only confused and changing notions on subjects most interesting to their fellow creatures and themselves. Opinions are ill-defended and easily abandoned; and, in despair of ever solving unaided the hard problems respecting human destiny, one ignobly submits to think no more about them. Such a condition cannot but enervate the soul, relax the springs of the will, and prepare a people for servitude.

- Alexis de Tocqueville

- Finally, in this era of "sound bites," film clips and the five-second radio ad, some people charge that newspaper critics try to write short pithy sentences in their reviews so that publicists can more easily lift their comments to use as a book blurb or in a movie promotion.

I really don't think that's true. On the other hand, I've never been one to pass up an opportunity. So here are five ready-to-use "blurbs" for anyone who wishes to re-use them.

Remember, I spell my name with a "t."I even have a little something for the next J.C. Penney white sale.

Dances With Wolves: "The movie `Heaven's Gate' was supposed to be!"

White Fang: "After watching this one, you'll rush home to hug the family dog!"

Neverending Story, Part II: "A giant step toward eternity!"

The Utah Jazz: "Go JaZZ: (Don't doze off tonight, catch some Z's!)"

I even have a little something for the next J.C. Penney white sale.

(Picture dozens of sheets and pillow cases billowing down from the sky in slow motion. Then these words appear on the screen):

"Ahhh! Heaven from Penneys!"