Life insurance

For two of our children we took out life insurance and paid up the premiums when they were 21 years old.Over the years we mislaid our copies of the policies. We would like a copy of the paid policies.

The company is American National Insurance Co. in Galveston, Tex. I have the home office account number; the weekly account number; and the policy numbers.

They were paid in full Feb. 13, 1970.

One child was born in Sacramento, Calif., in 1952. The other was born in Roseville, Calif., in 1956.

I would like to give them each a copy of their policy. I don't even remember what their value was. - M.S., Manti.

According to a spokesman for the insurance company whom we contacted by phone, all you need to do is contact your agent.

He can request copies of the policies from the home office in Galveston.

If you don't remember who your agent was, contact the company directly by calling (409) 763-4661. Ask for the policy holders service department for life insurance.

To save you the time, trouble and long-distance phone bill, we called the policy holders service department.

It turns out your policies are so old they were not transferred to the company's computer files.

However, we gave the service representative who spoke to us the policy's numbers, your name, address and phone number, and the names, birth dates and birth places of your children. The representative said she would look up the policies and contact you.

She wouldn't give us information about your policies because she didn't want to violate your right-to-privacy.

Air fare refunds

According to a recent issue of U.S. News & World Report, airlines are relaxing rules for canceling or changing restricted advance-purchase tickets. On overseas flights, most will let you change your flight dates or give you a voucher generally good for one year.

Airlines may be even more lenient in the event of a prolonged war.