Persistence and determination have finally paid off for Deseret News carrier Orvill Paller, this year's winner of the Young Columbus Contest.

The son of Orvill and Judith Paller has been a top contender in the contest the past three years, making last year's runners-up list.By winning the pretigious newspaper carrier award, Paller has distinguished himself as a superior carrier and a fine citizen in his community. His accompishments span the areas of school, church and scouting.

The 16-year-old West High School honor student plays violin in the school orchestra and received the University of Utah's Young Alumni Scholarship Award. Last year Paller won the Publisher for a Day contest, giving him the opportunity to learn more about another side of the newspaper business.

Runners-up in this year's contest were Curtis Hirschi, 16, Kaysville; Elliott Brown, 12, Salt Lake City; Spencer Hadley, 13, Bountiful; and Kamala Parry, 17, Mt. Pleasant.

Contest winners were scheduled to go to France on a cultural and educational trip. But contest sponsor Parade Magazine canceled it this week in light of the Persian Gulf war and threat of terrorism against Americans.

In lieu of the trip, Parade and the Newspaper Agency Corp. will provide a compensation program to carriers.