New bills filed:SB142 (Leavitt) - Establishes a telecommunications study committee and defines its membership and powers.

SB143 (Holmgren) - Creates a task force to study ways to finance health care for people who are medically uninsured.

SB144 (Leavitt) - Amends procedures of the Utah Health Care Malpractice Act.

SB145 (Leavitt) - Amends the veterans' property tax exemption.

SB146 (Richards) - Allows crime victims to be present during the trial of their perpetrator.

SB147 (Ockey) - Requires investment advisers to obtain licenses instead of registering with the state and requires investment advisers to notify the state when they terminate employment.

SB148 (McMullen) - Appropriates $9 million to the Department of Human Resource Management to provide funding for state employees who receive an "exceptional" job evaluation.

SB149 (Money) - Establishes uniform pay steps in the state pay plan.

SB150 (Leavitt) - Designates U-18 and a portion of U-56 as Legacy Loop Highway.

SJR12 (Chuck Peterson) - Revises joint rules and amends the expenses paid to legislators.

SJR13 (Mantes) - Requests that Congress allow the Enola Gay to be displayed temporarily in Wendover, Utah, until its permanent home is constructed.

HB262 (Davis) - Removes the sales tax from food.

HB263 (Ostler) - Clarifies the definition of peace officer to include agents of the Department of Corrections.

HB264 (LeBaron, Pignanelli) - Creates a state commemorations coordinator.

HB265 (Lewis) - Appropriates $10,000 for the Leaf-It-To-Us Children's Crusade for Trees.

HB266 (Ellertson) - Requires the Department of Correction to fund education programs for prison inmates.

HB267 (Greensides) - Makes it illegal to injure or kill animals employed by police officers.

HB269 (Ellertson) - Creates a licensing classification for construction manager.

HB270 (Julander) - Prohibits social workers from engaging in psychotherapy.

HB271 (Mont Evans) - Makes tax levies or changes in tax levies subject to initiative and referendums in counties, cities or towns.

HB272 (Jorgensen) - Prohibits retaliatory conduct against tenants.

HB273 (Pignanelli) - Includes the state and certain cities and towns in the definition of employer to apply Utah's labor law to public employees.

HB274 (Frandsen) - Adds authority to juvenile court judges to enter a permanent order of custody and guardianship.

HB275 (LeBaron) - Requires Utah Valley Community College to prepare a budget for fiscal 1993-94 to fund the institution as a four-year college.

HB276 (Harward) - Makes amendments to resolve conflicts between administrative rules and state law concerning the state fire marshal.

HB277 (Harward) - Makes changes to administrative rules.

HB278 (Harward) - Resolves conflicts between administrative rules and the Safety Responsibility Act.

HB279 (Harward) - Amends the grievance and appeal procedures relating to the Career Service Review Board.

HB280 (Harward) - Imposes a surcharge to provide hearing- and speech-impaired persons with telecommunication devices.

HB281 (Harward) - Requires depository institutions to pay a certification fee.

HB282 (Harward) - Reauthorizes the rules of state agencies and specifies which rules are not to be reauthorized.

HB284 (Pignanelli) - Provides that a student in public schools cannot be denied the right to participate in extracurricular activities because of age.

HB285 (Protzman) - Provides that the Board of Regents develop a position classification plan and career service schedules for classified employees.

HB286 (Bishop) - Makes technical changes to various retirement systems.

HB287 (Reese Hunter) - Provides $1.8 million for public school teachers to purchase school supplies.

HB288 (Melvin Brown) - Prohibits the sale of motor fuels below cost and requires refiners to disclose rack price.

HB289 (Beverly Evans) - Permits the use of peyote in specified religious services.

HB290 (Atkinson) - Amends provisions in the health code regarding discrimination.

HB291 (Dmitrich) - Creates a fund for abandoned mine reclamation.

HCR30 (Allen) - Expresses support for the "Take Pride in Utah" campaign to promote outdoor ethics among Utahns.

HCR31 (Lewis) - Designates April 26 as Arbor Day and endorses elementary school participation in a poster contest.

HCR32 (Haymond) - Honors former Rep. Don Strong, R-Springville, for his many years of dedicated service.

HCR33 (Jorgensen) - Commends Israel for its restraint in the face of unprovoked attacks by Iraq.

HJR22 (Burningham) - Urges Congress to prohibit states from taxing non-resident pension incomes.

HJR23 (Mont Evans) - Recognizes Bingham High School for the back-to-back state championships in basketball.

HJR24 (Mont Evans) - Recognizes D.J. Gaylord and Marie Johnson for their service to the community.

HJR25 (Mont Evans) - Honors Bette Done for her eight years of service at the Utah State Hospital and her cheerful approach to life.

HR5 (Adams) - Revises House rules and revises names of standing committees.