Don't look for Cher or Garrison Keillor to appear on NBC's "Today" show anytime soon. Co-host Bryant Gumbel, in an interview published in the Sept. 5 issue of Us magazine, mentions Keillor as being foremost among the "real jerks" he's had to interview. "I feel sorry for him because he has such a glorified opinion of himself," Gumbel says. Nor is he a Cher fan. "I prefer people less enamored of themselves," he says. "I have an aversion to professional celebrities who appear on the cover of People (magazine) every six months and who run and do every little cheap gym ad." Gumbel also knocks Joan Collins, James Earl Jones and David Letterman, with whom he's had a running feud ever since Letterman used a bullhorn to disrupt a "Today" prime-time special. Gumbel used a seven-letter profanity to characterize Letterman and said he knew plenty of people who had similar assessments after Appearing on the Letterman show.