Seven Arizona lawmakers and seven others targeted in a police sting have been indicted on bribery and other charges.

A grand jury Tuesday charged that the officials accepted tens of thousands of dollars in cash from a flamboyant figure who said he was trying to get the votes needed to legalize casino gambling in Arizona.The sting by Phoenix police resembles FBI efforts that resulted in lawmakers' arrests in South Carolina and California.

The 14, who included political activists and lobbyists, were charged with conspiring to bribe public officials, launder money and file false campaign statements.

Phoenix police and Maricopa County prosecutors refused to answer questions about the 146-page indictment, the result of a 13-month investigation that began Jan. 1, 1990. It was not immediately clear whether more people would be charged.

The indicted lawmakers were Senate Majority Whip Carolyn Walker, Rep. Bobby Raymond and Rep. Sue Laybe, all Phoenix Democrats; Republican Reps. Don Kenney and James Meredith, also of Phoenix; Democratic Sen. Jesus "Chuy" Higuera of Tucson; and Republican Rep. James Hartdegen of Casa Grande.