Sanpete County has spent $60,000 on state-of-the-art equipment that will significantly reduce response to emergencies over 911 lines.

The Motorola Centracom II Communications Console provides dispatchers with easy access to all radio systems, computer systems and jail controls at the communication center in the courthouse."The new console is electronically processed through a central bank which selects which radios and jail doors to control," explained Barry Bradley, county communications director.

He said that the dispatch computer and the terminals are built into the console so that a dispatcher can make an almost instant response, whereas under the old system the dispatcher had to move to several pieces of equipment.

In addition to the dispatch computer, the new system includes a digital playback recorder for 911 lines, Bradley said. A second operator position is available in the control room in case the primary operator needs assistance in case of a major disaster like widespread flooding or a major earthquake.

Additional closed-circuit television monitors have been installed in the jail to provide more adequate surveillance of prisoners, Bradley said. This is essential because the prison, in addition to its usual case load, also houses around 10 prisoners under contract with the state.

The county will pay for the equipement at the rate of $12,000 a year over five years. The money is included in the annual law enforcement budget.