Lookout Mountain, Ga., has carved a place in history. It's the site of a famous Civil War battle, the last hideout of the Cherokees before the Trail of Tears, the location of a thriving arts and craft community.

It's also the birthplace - and starting point - for one of country music's most exciting vocal groups: The Forester Sisters.The winners of the Academy of Country Music's 1987 "best vocal group" award, the Forester Sisters will perform two concerts at the Westerner Club, 3360 S. Redwood Road, Aug. 21 at 7:30 and 10 p.m.

Their most recent album, "You Again," produced two No. 1 hits: "I'd Choose You Again" and "Too Many Rivers," and their third single, "Lying in His Arms Again" hit the Top 10. They are completing work on a new album, scheduled for release next month.

Kathy and June Forester started on the road to stardom when they were 10 and 8, respectively, singing at their church. By popular demand, Kim, joined the group. "We still sing in church every chance we get," she said. "It's where we got our start and how we keep in touch with who we are and where we come from."

The youngest, Christy, wanted to sing, but her older sisters, she recalled, "told me all the parts were taken. I was heartbroken."

When June and Kathy graduated from college (June with a degree in education and Kathy with a master's in music), they turned to performing. In 1980, Kim (who was studying anthropology) joined them. Christy came on board in 1982, leaving behind her pursuit of a sociology degree. And the Forester Sisters as today's country fans know them was born.

A demo tape landed on the desk of a Warner Bros. Records talent scout four years ago, and after a showcase for top executives, the sisters had a contract. "We couldn't believe it then," Christy said, "and it's still sort of hard now. We've been in the fast lane ever since."

- Lois Collins