What does your favorite ice cream flavor tell about your love life? Is it "Peaches 'n' Cream," "Rocky Road," "Double Trouble" or just plain vanilla? Dreyer's Ice Cream would like to find out. The ice cream company requests consumers mail or fax answers to a survey on favorite flavors, mailed no later than Feb. 12, to Love That Flavor, Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream, 3675 Mount Diablo Blvd., Lafayette, CA 94549-3750. Faxes will be received at 415-428-2070. Answers to the survey will be analyzed and released in time for Valentine's Day.

Love That Flavor Survey Questions1. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

2. What are your favorite ingredients?

3. Are you: Male Female

4. Age Group:

18-24 25-36 37-48

49-55 56-68 69 plus

5. What is the closet metropolitan area to your home?

6. Are you: Married Single

7. How would you describe your love life?

Red Hot Average Needs Improvement

8. What ice cream flavor describes your relationship with your "significant other?"