Fire officials say a weekend fire caused about $50,000 damage to a Sandy home.

Firefighters arrived at the home of Donald Kuhlman, 2797 E. Willow Hills Drive, about 7 p.m. Sunday. The blaze had spread from the basement into the attic of the house, Sandy Fire Battalion Chief Dave Meldrum said.Family members in the home were able to escape without injury. But the fire was very difficult to extinguish because it was burning inside the walls. Firefighters had to break through the structure to get to the blaze.

Meldrum said Kuhlman had apparently been painting and was cleaning the brushes when fumes migrated down to the furnace and caught fire. The blaze then went up through the pipe chase and into the attic, he said.

"He even saw the furnace belching smoke up through the heat vents," the chief said.

Firefighters were at the scene of the blaze until early Monday morning.