Winter-quarter enrollment at Utah State University grew even more than fall quarter, President Stanford Cazier said Friday.

Campus-based enrollment this winter is 1,300 students higher than it was in winter of 1990, Cazier said. The equivalent increase for fall quarter over the previous fall was 1,069."This unprecedented increase in enrollment is substantially higher than projected and funded. It puts us in a position of great concern for providing additional faculty, class sections, space, housing and all else it takes to provide educational opportunity for such a rapidly growing campus. And we want to do all this without compromising the quality of the educational experience," the president added.

Winter-quarter enrollment for the campus and extension centers totals 14,981 this winter, an increase of nearly 7 percent over a year ago.

For campus-based classes alone, 13,573 students have registered, up 10.6 percent over winter of 1990.

The increase is coming at all levels, Cazier said. Enrollment of freshmen is up 8 percent, sophomores 16 percent, juniors 16 percent, seniors 11 percent and graduate students 5 percent.