The Consumer Information Catalog lists free and low-cost government publications. For a copy of the catalog send your name and address to Consumer Information Catalog, Pueblo, Colo., 81009, or call (719) 948-4000.

Among the booklets listed in the catalog:- "New Car Buying Guide" (406X, 50 cents), discusses pricing terms, financing options and various contracts. It includes a worksheet to help you bargain.

- "Buying a Used Car" (404X, 50 cents) discusses the "Buyer's Guide" sticker on any used car sold by a dealer. It also explains your rights when you're buying a car from an individual.

- "Calories and Weight" (105X, $1.75) contains calorie tables for hundreds of popular foods and beverages.

- "Getting Fit Your Way" (107X, $3.25), a 12-week program to help you make exercise a lifelong habit with emphasis on strengthening your heart, quitting smoking and losing weight.

- "Caffeine Jitters: Some Safety Questions Remain" (item 526X, free). Contains the latest FDA findings about caffeine and how it may affect your health.

- "A Doctor's Advice on Self-Care" (item 528X, free), discusses the many over-the-counter drugs now available that can diagnose, prevent and cure illnesses. The booklet tells you how to use them safely and effectively.

- "A Consumer's Guide to Mental Health" (item 541X, free), answers commonly asked questions about mental health and the different methods of treating it. Lists resources for further help and information.

- "Consumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgages" (item 419X, 50 cents), explains the basic features, advantages, risks and terminology associated wiht adjustable rate mortgages.

- "A Consumer's Guide to Mortgage Lock-Ins" (item 420X, 50 cents), explains how you can lock-in interest rates and points when you're applying for a mortgage.

- "Simple Home Repairs Inside" (item 135X, $1.50), has step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to repair or replace doors, faucets, plugs, windows, screens, tiles and more.